Getting the right classified script for your site will enable you to meet the needs of your target market with ease. With the many options available today, you have tons of variety from which to choose.

Which are the best 'classified scripts' on the market in 2018?

Classified Ads CMS- Quickad

When dealing with a script, you are looking for something that is responsive to enable you better to customize your site with ease. This script comes in a beautiful design that is both powerful and fast, in addition to being responsive.

In just some clicks, you will have your theme set up and ready for use. The classic design is a plus.

open classifieds desktop and mobile

Open Classifieds

With this script, you can fully customize your website while having full access to the source code. In a few moments, you can have your site running. The management is easy, and you can control everything using simple settings.


For a script which allows you to customize your site while supporting numerous languages fully, this is the way to go. Other key features of DClassifieds script include multiple themes, ease of management, unlimited locations, video link support and SEO-friendliness.


The ability to support a variety of languages makes a script appealing to both you and the users with whom interaction will be smooth. This script comes with additional features such as social log-in and SEO to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Its responsive nature makes it a favorite amongst thousands of website owners.


If you are looking to make good money and set up a business in a matter of minutes, this script is the way to go. Not only is it easy to set up and manage but it also comes with the ability to create different categories in a market.

The modern design makes it appealing to your audience, and you are free to customize it to your requirements.


For site owners who are all about the features with which a script comes, behold the WhizClassified. For the homepage, you have options ranging from parallax slider to Google maps all the way to layer slider.

The loading time on this script is very fast, and you can customize it as much as you want to fit your desires.


This script is fully responsive, a feature that makes customization a simple process. Laravel and Bootstrap are present in its build, and it comes with tons of features designed to make its use quite easy.

For one, the responsiveness of the script enables you to meet your audience's needs better. You can also connect to external parties such as Google, Facebook, and PayPal.

Classified Ads- Infinity Market

It comes with innovative features suited to ease customization, use, and translation. The script is quite flexible and modern. With this script, you can make your site even more convenient by using a mobile app.


You can now build and set up your website in a matter of clicks thanks to this script. It makes use of a web-based framework to make usage easy. The software used is SEO friendly. This script aims to present you with an avenue, from whence you can generate large amounts of revenue without incurring enormous capital outlays. It comes with numerous features suited to aid you in customizing your website.


Marketplaces have always been a place where sellers and buyers can meet and decide on the best pricing mechanisms for a given product. Over time, people have taken their transactions to online spaces and one such way to join the trend is to use this script.

It has features which will aid you in representing your products in a manner which your audience will understand. You can consider this to be a buying and selling marketplace which will get your business booming.


Open source classifieds get appreciation from site owners, thanks to their ability to help you create a marketplace for your goods. With this script, you can create ads on different products such as rental homes and job listings with ease.

It comes equipped with tons of themes, templates, and plug-ins to make the customization process a breeze. You have the option to use a fully-hosted service or to manage the installation on your server. Either way, the management is a simple task..

Whatever the needs of your target audience, these scripts are bound to meet them.