There are many sports betting scripts on the market which come equipped with features to enable you to start a sports-book. Most sports betting PHP scripts on the market are flexible to allow you to come up with a system that meets your requirements. As such, you can customize the betting script to better match your target audience’s needs.

What should you search for in a sports betting PHP script?

The fundamental features that you should look for include but are not limited to the ability to support various currencies and languages, the ability to fully customize the script and the ability to handle varying odd formats from different countries. It should also have a high level of risk management, a wide choice in payment modes, support for different wager types and a skin that best meets your needs.

In addition to these points, you should also look at whether the workings are in line with the gambling jurisdictions of areas you wish to serve and if there is a way to adjust the operations.

Mobile compatibility - Some scripts work on mobile phones; which allows your clients to make bets from the comfort of their mobile devices. This convenience draws many people to your site, thus enabling you to have a large audience over time. You should look for a script that offers you adequate tools to operate your site on both mobile and desktop platforms. There are scripts which allow you to host live betting as well as to create a mobile app to make you even more desirable to your target audience.

A betting shop - With this kind of software, you will be in a position to track your events as well as to control your liability in the case of mishaps. Various forms of this software exist. Some allow you to use it solely while others have the option of linkage to your main site.

Multi-level agents - Some scripts will offer agents to provide you with analysis and management tools which will help you run your site with ease.

Sports betting scripts on the market

HKI Bet CPanel screenshot

Hkibet Sports Betting Platform – PHP Script

This platform runs on Codeigniter Framework, built by expert developers with knowledge about the tipping and betting industry. The entire system is automated. However, you have the option to control everything manually as an admin.

Features include a fully responsive system, the ability to handle many languages, thousands of automatically fed matches per week, automatic odds, an active admin panel, a clean design, SEO-friendliness and a clean code. Users can make payments via PayPal, making your site convenient.

This script is suitable for anyone looking to start a betting/ tipping business, and it comes with an array of advantages.

Free Bet

This script is another favorite when it comes to sports betting sites. This application enables you to create a platform for sports betting with an easy installation procedure. It currently focuses on major European soccer leagues, but developers wish to increase its capacity over time.

Features include ease of management and the ability to customize it.

With the growth of sports betting sites, PHP scripts concerning the same are on the rise, and you will have a wide selection of options from which to choose. Be sure to select one in line with your target audience.