DClassifieds - one of the best free PHP classified scripts

For a classified website to be top amongst the others in the market, it must have smart architecture, the ability to change the code, high speed in data processing, the integration with third-party services and a well-designed interface amongst other factors.

In addition to these things, the site must have the ability to handle millions of visitors, store listings as well as search through the postings in brief periods to create a list of essential items.

Overall Description

DClassifieds is one of the best free PHP classified scripts which can enable your site to meet the above requirements, therefore giving you an edge over competitors in your field. It is a very robust script and gets widely used by people looking for a script that can help them efficiently achieve their site goals.

It comes with a variety of options on customization as well as many languages and theme options which enables you to create a site that matches your target audience. One of its most essential features is the ability to provide unlimited locations and categories. It is also quite easy to manage and comes with video link support.

Dclassified Features

First off, it is free, meaning that you get to save tons of money when using it. It is also fast and has native caching with various backends. An extension is smooth, and the URLs are friendly. Other features of this script include unlimited regions, a contact form and template editing from the admin panel.

DClassifieds operates on a Yii framework and thus, it contains all the benefits associated with this framework.

classified scripts for fast programming

As you use the script, you get to uncover many more features which you can use to your advantage, thus helping you get the most out of DClassifieds in the end, enabling you to create a site which meets your intended purpose.