Finding the right classified script for your business is the first crucial step to success in your endeavors. When making this decision, be sure to conduct extensive research on the internet regarding the scripts on the market as well as their characteristics and advantages.

As a developer, you are probably aware that writing a classified script consumes a lot of time. You can choose the easy way out by getting hold of codes already in existence. There are very many options online, some of which are in the list below.

For bloggers who understand the concept of PHP codes to a reasonable extent, you can select a readymade classified ads script which will get you started in no time. These scripts are easy to set up, thus reducing the amount of effort needed.

While conducting your research, you will find a wide variety of scripts on the net and the process can be quite confusing. This collection of the best PHP scripts on the market will help you narrow down your search to the best options available.

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Best Free PHP Classified Scripts on the Market

responsive classified cms


This free PHP classified script enables you to create a classified site in a matter of minutes. The good thing about it is that no matter what niche you are dealing with ranging from real estate to job opportunities, the script will work great.

The Sports-Book

It should come equipped with essential tools such as the management of events, player reports, accounting and all other factors crucial to the working of the script. An ideal sports-book should be flexible enough to serve various markets.

classified scripts with sports betting features
dclassifieds plugin


This script is quite popular, thanks to its amazing features and simplicity of use. With a large number of customization options in tow as well as a range of languages, users can come up with ads that best describe their products to the audience.

In addition to these features, DClassifieds script offers also video link support, friendly SEO URLs, contact forms, easy administration and unlimited locations amongst other advantages which make the entire process straightforward.

payment methods integration

For people running online stores, event management businesses, travel websites as well as any other sites in which online transactions take place, a payment gateway is essential. Often people confuse payment gateways with payment gateway service providers. Take an example of PayPal. PayPal is a payment gateway service provider whereas a payment gateway is a location on your website from when a transaction can take place.

You can think of it as a cashier’s desk. The only difference between it and a cashier’s counter is that you need not be present because the website can handle the payment on your behalf.

Given the importance of the transactions taking place on your website, you must take caution to ensure that things run smoothly. There are various types of payment gateway integration systems in the market, and they all have their good and bad sides. Knowing the features of each will enable you to make a decision that will protect the interests of your business.

The simple checkout system

This system is also known as the offsite payment, and it is a smooth integration mode. With this system, you integrate the payment gateway as an external service such that when a customer clicks on the ‘buy’ option, they get redirected to a payment gateway service provider such as PayU. From the service provider’s site, they are then able to complete the transaction in a secure environment. The system is the simplest way to integrate a payment gateway to your site.

What are the advantages?

With the simple checkout system, you do not need to make your website PCI compliant which reduces the amount of hassle required to set up a payment mode. You also do away with the task of maintaining a payment gateway as you are outsourcing the services. Best of all, you will not have any security concerns as the payment gateway service providers will take care of this.

The downside

Your clients will have to leave your site to make the payment. Many people have security concerns when it comes to money issues, and this may make them back out of the process. Another obstacle that you will face is that network errors can lead to failures in redirection to your site on completion of payment. This system is also prone to eavesdropping.

It works best for small firms, subscriptions, and other small-sized transactions.

Direct Post System

This integration system, also known as the transparent redirect, does not handle any customer information on your website. Instead, a form accepts the information and details of the payment on your server and forwards them to a secure payment gateway where the final transaction takes place.

The upside to this system

In this system, you also get to do away with PCI compliance, making your transactions a breeze. You also get to maintain your branding.

What are the disadvantages to this mode?

As is the case with the simple checkout system, this system is vulnerable to external interference and is not entirely secure.

It works best in a case where you wish to enhance your branding.

Server integration system

This system also goes by the name 'onsite payment,' and it allows you to handle transactions on your site. However, the final process gets dealt with by a payment gateway service provider. It works by displaying the forms on your site while the provider works on data collection, submission of information as well as responding to users.

The user, however, will not be aware of the service provider and this gives you an avenue to customize the receipt page.

You are in a position to maintain data sensitive to your customers, and you can use the system as an opportunity to work on your branding.

With this mode, PCI compliance is a must. In a case where you lack one, you can make do with an SSL certificate. You also have to work at improving your security as you will be handling sensitive information.

It works best for mid-sized to large companies which have a reliable brand.

Advanced integration system

With this system, you can host a secure payment form on your website and forward transactions to a payment gateway through the use of an end-to-end SSL connection. Shopping cart developers use this system to give the site owner control over each phase of the transaction.

You are in a position to maintain data sensitive to your customers, and you can use the system as an opportunity to work on your branding.

With this mode, PCI compliance is a must. In a case where you lack one, you can make do with an SSL certificate. You also have to work at improving your security as you will be handling sensitive information.

secure online payments

Based on your branding levels, size of your business and need for control over the transactions, you will decide on the best payment system integration for you.