What is DClassifieds Free Classifieds Script?

DClassifieds Free Classifieds Script is free open source classifieds script based on Yii framework. For this reason DClassifieds inherits all benefits of the Yii framework futures.


Help Needed

Help! Translators needed. If you want to translate dclassifieds free classifieds script please contact us! Or you have already translated dclassifieds free classifieds script please please send us your translation.

Download Your Language

Macedonian - Thanks to Antonio Benedeti - http://oglasuvaj.com/
Romanian - Thanks to Ion Dinu - http://www.auto-bazar.ro/
Finnish - Thanks to Binh Duong - http://www.lemmikkiporssi.fi/
Italian - Thanks to Mauro Ottaviani - http://www.cgt.it
Turkish - Thanks to Ahmet Mubadil - http://ilan.traktorhaber.com